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Trapped.. Do you have what it takes?


Team Work Make The Dream Work 

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What exactly is trapped? Well, its a fairly new "5D" escape room experience that came to Halifax earlier this year I think. (Kinda surprising because the other locations are only in Toronto & Montreal Yayyy Halifax) But, basically you only have one hour to get out of your room, or you fail. :) LOL. They offer realistic scenarios and your job is to look for clues, hopefully understand them.. obtain the final key and storm outta' there. It sounds hard and trust me it is but they do offer I think two or three clues that'll make your life much easier. 

Currently Halifax has four themes for you to choose from.
1. Ancient Pyramid (this is new) 
2. Death Note
3. Contaminated Hospital 
4. Medieval Prison

My teammates and I chose the Medieval Prison theme and the workers started by explaining the rules of the game.. apparently guys get really upset and start smashing walls(loll not that serious kids). Then they blind fold us and lead us into our scene.. leaving me thinking... what the hell is this jewelle :"""(

Keep in mind that this was our first time there so we literally had NO idea of what to expect, well at least I didn't. This game is challenging and without team work there's literally no way you can win. It took the participation of every member of our team for us to figure it out. It can also be very frustrating as the minutes go by and there's no progress but yinno ... gotta keep on keepin' on . 

my awesome group members :")

This challenge was sooo fun & I would recommend it to anyone staying in Halifax for the summer or even for people returning in the fall. Some scenes support up to eight people with a minimum of four, while some support a minimum of two persons. According to our customer service rep, 90% of people who try this FAIL on their first attempt. So Im glad to say that my group was in the 10% :)

See Ya! 

Good Vibes ONLY..

At Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival!

Starting from May 5th up until May 8th was the weekend all Bahamian soca junkies were waiting for. Carnival weekend was finallyyyy here. Last year during carnival I was at school so this time around I really didn't know what to expect. The organizers transformed Arawak Cay into "Da Cultural Village" which kind of reminded me of the Family Island Regattas, just on a larger scale... They had the craft vendors, food.. and of course the BARS. (Which always had the most people lol). 

Listennn. I had a ball listening and singing to some of my favorite soca songs. It was so nice to look around & see everyone enjoying themselves just as much as me. The food was great & the drinks were even better, but the Road March day was the best for me. 

(Best Beer in the Bahamas)

My Brovaa & I :)

Yummy baked crab.. 


Whew :""(

I really was not expecting the road route to be sooooo long.  Like, I was checking the time thinking omg Jewelle, you really bin doing this for hours ????? I couldn't believe it. But trust me, it was sooo fun & worth it.. I wouldn't think twice about going on da road again next year. HOWEVER, the feeling the day after.. lord lord lord lord. I never felt that kind of pain in my muscles.. in my life. That's what happens when you don't exercise but wanna go shake up around the whole Nassau, lolll oh well. Like I said, I wouldn't think twice about joining next year! 

Here's some of my tips for anyone thinking about going on da Road next year:
  • Do NOT, I repeat .. Do not buy those sweet water tennis: my feet were literally burning up on that road & I think that could've bin avoided had I just stuck with my Under Armor Shoes.. (I know those girls in slippers wanted to die), but why would you want to wear those thin sandals on that long march?? Anyway, not my bizz. 
  • Start exercising in advance: I tried this myself around January and February don't ask me what happened up until May :""""(. You really need to have endurance in order to be comfortable while still having fun. 
  • Stay hydrated: The idea of free alcohol may be appealing to some, but you cant forget your water while out there. So keep in mind that after every drink make sure get some water before you faint on da people dem road march. ;)
  • WATCH DA FLIPPIN ROAD: Everybody out there to have a good time, don't focus on who dancing on who.. how somebody's dressed or their body type. If you're out there to have fun, do just that. Mind your business and have a great time. 

The Road March was a blast & I believe the concert that night featured Taurus Riley, one of my favorite Reggae Artist but boy that sun from earlier drained all the energy out of me. The only thing I wanted to do was take a shower & go to SLEEP, which was what i did, but all in all Carnival weekend was a weekend well spent. :)

See ya !

First Blog Post. :")

Hello everyonee.. & welcome to my blog. :) 
Hey guys... Im Jewelle, a carefree 20 year old girl from Nassau, Bahamas living up North in Nova Scotia, Canada. I just finished my second year of university studying Political Science, with hopes of becoming a lawyer in the future. I love reading fiction novels that are mainly filled with romance or drama. I hardly ever watch television, but when I do its only Game of Thrones, or Grey's Anatomy. (I MISS YOU CHRISTINA) .. & thank the Lord, Jon Snow is back! I loveee to cook although I fail almost every time at just trying to make a pot of rice, but I promise everything else tastes delicious.  
Anyhow, enough about me.. I've always wanted to start a blog but had no idea where to begin. So today I decided to put good ol' youtube to work & figured out what I needed to, so now here I am. My blog wont be focusing on one area but I'll write about whatever interest me. Whether it be a nice recipe I found, a must have novel or just life in general.  
See ya next time!